Uwe Rapolder
Professional football coach.

Malte Höch


Frank Sagehorn 
Mental coach.

Uwe Rapolder is known and recognized as a long-standing professional football coach. His expertise and knowledge on and off the field is undisputed. He ranks as the first coach in Germany who represented the so-called “Konzeptfussball”. Terms like “Automatismen” (automatisms), “Vertikalspiel” (Vertical Pass Football Play) and “Pressing” which nowadays are often used to talk about certain tactics of ‘attacking’ football were also introduced by Uwe Rapolder.

Today his training methodology is even standardized in the ranks of the DFB, the German Football Association. In the course of realizing a book project in recent years he visited some of the world’s most renowned coaches such as Ferguson, Mancini, Klopp, Hitzfeld and Eriksson.

Uwe Rapolder graduated in Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich (HWZ) and gained work experience at the Credit Suisse Group. He periodically gives seminars and presentations on the analogies of professional football and economy at large German companies. Furthermore, he speaks five languages fluently and lives his life passionately in the world of football.

The combination of his competence, business networking and experience, not only in the sport industry but also in economic issues, is hard to top.

As a long-standing lawyer Malte Höch takes charge of the commercial business segment. With his work as a certified specialist lawyer for commercial, corporate and criminal law as well as his lecturer activity at the Heilbronn University, he brings a high level of competence and expertise to our team in cooperation with the equivalent CEO Uwe Rapolder.

Years of experience in the course of various media appearances and business consulting fields distinguish him as a reliable and perpetual negotiator. Beside the formation of contracts and legal issues, his repertoire extends from personal coaching, arranging and leading of press conferences and dealing with the media through to the support of transfer negotiations.


Frank Sagehorn has worked for many years as a practice-oriented mental coach. Originally he operated in the healthcare and nutrition industry. He tends to call himself an “energy optimizer”.

His conception is based on an intrinsic (psyche) and extrinsic (physique) way of harmonization and stabilization of the sportsman. In pursuing this objective, every single client receives individual mental training tailored to meet their personal needs. In doing so he relies on an holistic approach which is easy to realize for every individual.