The first area of our services includes the consultancy of sports clubs, associations and other organizations introducing intelligent management tools and guidance. 

Furthermore we assist our clients in defining their own suitable basic principles and philosophy.



The second field in our range of services focuses on the training of coaches. We cooperate with coaches in those areas which are of crucial importance in modern sports.

We give guidance in a wide range of areas such as a coaches interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, professional expertise, organizational skills and just as importantly, appearance in the public eye.

Personal Support.

The third area of our work concerns the discovery, promotion and consultancy of players. We offer a holistic range of services tailored to meet the individual needs of every client. With the purpose of refining both the players personality and playing quality, in cooperation with their clubs, experts in a wide array of areas provide advice and assistance directly to every single sportsman.

In pursuing our targets we attach major importance to social values. In addition the excellent networking of Pole-1 among the various parties promises harmonious and lucrative employment opportunities for its clients.